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If my Xbox 360 breaks will Microsoft replace it with the newest version?


I have had an Xbox 360 break and they replaced it with a new one and then that one broke and they just fixed it. But if this one breaks again and they cant fix it will they replace it with the newest version with the HDMI output? because mine doesn’t have HDMI but at the time that i bought it, it was the best and most expensive version.

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  1. If they determine the problem was caused by you (water damage or physical damage) they won’t replace it at all. But if it’s determined that it’s their fault (RROD or some other malfunction), then they’ll most likely give you the latest core version.

  2. Here’s the thing, it all depends on the service center of Microsoft; they will decide whether it needs repairing or replacing, but according to their policy IF they replace it, they replace it with either a refurbrished or a new one but it will be the same generation machine as yours. Ex. if yours doesn’t have a HDMI you’ll get another one without a HDMI port.

  3. yes i think they would replace it but i don’t know about newest version being given to you. they would probably would give you the same version

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