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If I buy an Xbox 360 Elite, do I need to buy the HD/AV Cord, the HDMI Cord, or both to get HD experience?


Do I get the HD/AV Cord?

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Or the HDMI Cord?[url is not allowed].

This is the bundle I’m getting

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  1. You need to get the HDMI cables.

    Also don’t forget to buy Xbox Live [$50 a year], a Wifi Adapter [$100] and a charge kit [$30]. All those are free with Ps3. lawl.

  2. i just bought a 360 elite and it did not come with the hd/av cables, it comes with the standard composite connections (white/red/yellow) but you will need to buy the hd cables separately. whether you go with the component cables (green/blue/red) or the hdmi cable is dependent on what open connections you have on your tv.

  3. For my Elite, they both came with the system. The best thing to do is to buy an HDMI cable. It is audio/video all in one cable and prevents you from having a bundle of cables around your TV. However, do NOT buy one at a retail store. Retail stores will charge you $50-$100 for a cable that costs them less than $5. HDMI cables are the biggest screw job going. Instead, go to http://www.cablesforless.com and select “Value HDMI” cables. I bought a 15 foot cable for $6 and the same one at Target was over $100. They are good quality and Cables For Less ships out very fast (depending on where you live. From their warehouse in Indiana to Iowa was 3 days in the mail). So, stick with HDMI, but use http://www.cablesforless.com.

    *Note: Even if you do decide you want to pick the more expensive cables on Cables For Less, they are still half the price of the ones in the store. But my opinion is that the value cables are just as good.

  4. According to Amazon it does come with an HDMI connection cable, but if it doesn’t all you will need to buy is an HDMI cable,(the xbox will have an HDMI output connection in the back). Just make sure you have hdmi inputs on your tv. The hdmi connection is all you’ll need, it carries both high definition video and surround sound audio.

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