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I can’t get into a match with a one particular friend over Xbox Live?


I have my Xbox sharing a connection with my laptop and my friend has her Xbox sharing a connection with her laptop. Both Xboxs are in the same household, so naturally they are using the same internet. We both can play online, chat, download, and join parties with other people but whenever we try to play a game with each other it tells us that the game session is no longer there. I have spent the last 3 or so hours researching the cause of this. I tried forwarding the ports 88 UDP, 3074 TCP, and 3074 TCP. That didn’t work. I checked if it was my NAT by running the Xbox Live Connection Test but that tells me everything is fine. I really have no idea how to fix this. I have U-Verse and my router is a 2Wire 3800HV-B.

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  1. Tough one. I have had it tell me that and its because I could join when I find my friend but by the time I hit the buttons I need to someone else has filled the open spot. If you can’t join on private match & game I would go to http://www.xbox.com and see what they can help with.

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