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How to reset xbox 360 to default settings?


I have the 360 slim halo reach ed. & my friend wants to trade me my halo reach ed. for the all black slim. I want to trade him cause I like the black one but I dont want him to sign in to my account or use my netflex & stuff ex. I want to erase everything thing from yet like it was new “how”? & When I get his I can recover my gamertag right?

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  1. Just remove the hardrive from your xbox and replace it onto the new one. I think that will work. The hard drive can esily be removed without taking apart your xbox. If you dont know how to then just look at this video.

    [url is not allowed]

    Your hardrivve will have all of your saved files and you wont even need to recover your account once you transfer it into the new xbox. It basically is just the same as it was before. 🙂 hope this helps

  2. First, turn off your console and remove any memory units you wish to preserve, if any. (the ones you won’t trade in, like a hard drive etc.) If you are trading it as is, then just *ignore* this step. When ready, turn your console back on.

    Sign out of your profile.

    Then, head to My XBOX > System Settings > Memory. Select “Memory Unit” or select “All devices”, if apply.

    Choose “Profiles”. Choose the one you want to be gone. Choose delete.

    This way, your profile is gone.

    You should also consider formatting your memory unit so no personal information stays on it. You can do this by going back to Memory, choosing the memory unit (repeat individually for all that apply) then choosing Format. This make sure NO personal informations is left on it.

    Then restart your console, go once again to My XBOX > System Settings and choose Start initial setup. This way your console will go back to the initial setup that you would except when you take it out of the box. Your console will be like all-new using this and it will let the new owner personalize it just as easy as you did.
    And yes, you are right, you can always “Recover” your gamertag.

  3. Yes, you can recover your gamertag. It will have an option when you get to the dashboard (when you turn it on). And you just go to the console settings and select the hard drive and delete everything. You then once you get his can redownload everything for free. Also, delete your gamertag off of your xbox. Look over the dashboard and you should find an option for that too. Look around and you will find it. Hope this helps you and have a good time with your new xbox 360.

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