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How much would my ps3 sell for?


My ps3 is the newest, black ‘super slim’ model, it was originally 12gb but now has a 500gb hard drive in it. It comes with 3 controllers(2 black, 1 pink and of course, 2 charging cables) and 11 games. All game are still with their original hard case/sleeve and any manuals/papers that came with them. The game are FIFA 14, FIFA 15, Uncharted 1:Drake’s Fortune(greatest hits edition)(this is the only game that is in a sleeve), uncharted 2:among thieves(game of the year and greatest hits edition), uncharted 3:Drake’s Deception(game of the year edition), Gran Turismo 5(XL Edition), The Last of us, FIFA street, Little Big Planet 3, Little big planet 2(special edition), and Ratchet and Clank(edition that includes 3 full games digitally remastered). I’d be willing to also through in an HDMI and Internet Connection cord if that would higher the price a fair amount that would make it worth it to. Have only had it about a year, bought it new. Everything is well taken care of, works great, nothing wrong with it. The 2 black controllers though, if you look underneath the joy sticks then there is some wear from them hitting and rolling around the sides but I think that is what happens to them very easily in a little amount of time regardless. I’d say the condition is like-new. What should all this sell for? Do you think i should sell all or some games separate and/or sell the hard drive separate?

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  1. yeaaa Ps3 SuperSlim usually sell on ebay about the price William has posted up.go on ebay and compare prices it will take a minute to sell though. everyone likes fatboy and regular slim those go for 220 to sometimes 300 and above simply because you can make changes on them with jaibrakes and customize them however you want.Compare things on ebay!! Amazon is good but they take big 35 percent chunk of your profit unless your a prime member.and dont just send superslim to buyers address make them sign for it at their local post office.theres always few crafty buyers and sellers on their.Buyers tend to stay away from bundle things but add those 2 controllers to console i say 180 or something just write a Very detailed post about condition everythings in.

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