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How Much should i sell my Xbox 360 with 2 controllers and i have 20 games?


Games are Assassins Creed 3 and Black flag, Black ops 1, Left four Dead, Halo 3, Darksiders, Gears of War 1&2, DragonAge, Lord of the rings something, Earth Defense Force, Blur, Call of duty World at War, Dead Island, Red Dead Redemption, and Far cry 3 Skyrim well 18 but close enough

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  1. Consider selling at a Tag/Garage Sale. 50 to 75% of retail.

    pawn shops 5-10% of retail.

    Trade values:

    GameStop [url is not allowed].

    DiscReplay: [url is not allowed]

    EB Games: [url is not allowed].

    Otherwise, ask for as much as can. If the buyer isn’t interested, you can haggle or either of you can walk away.

  2. I would personally say that if you sell it all together you should sell it for

    £120 if you are desperate for the money

    £110 if you just want to get some money

    £100 if you want to get rid of it

    £90 if you want someone to buy it

    Thank you

  3. Sell it for around $100(if you have the old Xbox 360)

    Or around $140 (if you have the new Xbox 360 version)

    including games/controllers.

  4. Depends.is it an Xbox 360 S (aka slim) or E (I guess is actually the latest one out), or an older “Phat” Xbox 360? How big is the Hard Disk Drive, or are you going to include it in the sale?

    The best way to find out what your Xbox 360 is worth is to go to ebay and find some similar that are about to sell and see what they go for. I buy used 360s that have minor problems, fix them up, and then resell them.a lot of times on ebay.but I haven’t sold any recently (since around Christmas.when there was a jump in the price) so I really don’t know what they are going for right now, particularly since I don’t know exactly what kind yours is.

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