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How much can I store on an Xbox 360 4G?


Hi. I’m purchasing a PC for college, and as part of a deal that microsoft is having, it comes with an xbox 360. However, it is only the 4g kind. I was wondering if that is enough storage to play games like oblivion, la noire, etc (fun one player games and maybe some mainstays like halo and CoD?)

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  1. for save games this is fine.

    However, if you wish to install games to the HDD then this isnt enough.

    And if you wanted to download maps for games like COD/Halo then you might not be able to have every single map pack for several games. you would have to keep deleting and downloading them again. 😀

  2. Yes. If you’re only using it for game saves, and not for downloading full games you’d have more than enough.

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