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How much can I sell my broken Xbox 360 for?


I inherited my friend’s broken xbox 360 months ago. It had the Red Rings of Death issue, and after several hours on the internet and modifying the insides it never worked. I want to know what I should be expecting for it. I pretty much know what I can expect to get for the controller and other stuff, but I was wondering if it is worth dismantling the system itself to sell it for individual parts (like the disk drive and heat sinks). I’m really just trying to squeeze as much money out of selling it as I can.

What I have:

Broken Xbox 360 (the unit itself + components inside)

A/V cable

Transformer half of the PSU (I’ve been using a regular PC for the pronged wall part)

20 GB hard drive

1 Wireless controller (white)

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  1. Yikes you have got the red light of death! wait a minute though you don’t need to worry because a close friend of mine recently had his repaired.How did he do it? – well he visited a site that gave him details of how to fix the lights and whats more they promised him that if it didn’t work there would be no charge. It didn’t matter because it was fixed and he’s happy. This is quite possibly be a site that you should look at.

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