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How do i fix my xbox 360 mic.?


I was playing fifa 12 on xbox 360 and I was messing around and by accident I pulled the mic out of my controller hard, but not hard enough where I would think I broke it or anything. In game or in xbox parties it shows up saying I have a mic plugged in and I can see other peoples mics showing up like their speaking, but I can’t hear anything. Also, if I take my mic off mute and talk it even shows my name up in game. I’m not sure if they can hear me when I talk into it or not, but it still shows up. Also, before you say something about I might have broke the mic I plugged in another mic and still no sounds as a matter of fact my tv might have been down some or something, but when I unplugged the mic I don’t remember hearing them through the tv. Please I beg of some help. Thanks!

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  1. ok, try these steps in this order:

    1. check the volume switch on the headset and make sure its up. then go into your 360’s preferences and make sure the volume is on 10.

    2. next, try another headset. i assume you are using wired as opposed to wireless headset, so the wired ones are like the plague: you can find them everywhere, and if youre like me, you have 5 or 6 (Microsoft likes to package them with everything it seems like).

    3. if another headset still doesnt work, try the first headset in another controller, then a separate one in the same alternate controller.

    chances are its just the headset thats not working. if no headsets work in any controller,

    If both headsets work on a different controller its your controller

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