Home Xbox Forum How do I connect my xbox audio to my stereo system?

How do I connect my xbox audio to my stereo system?


I want my Xbox 360’s audio to come out of my stereo system which only has a 3.5mm jack auxiliary input. I already have my xbox hooked up to my HDTV by HDMI. But is there a way to just have the audio go to a separate system? Which cables would I need to buy?

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  1. Your tv probably has an audio out ports on the back of it plug a cable (red and white) into it and plug the other end into your stereo system

  2. You want to keep the HDMI hooked up to your television so that you have hi definition video, but for the audio, here’s what you’ll need to do. You will need to plug the original composite cable that the Xbox came with (Red White and Yellow) and convert the red and white audio plugs into a 3.5 headphone plug. You can do that with various adapters but here is one that would work for you:

    [url is not allowed].

    You will then plug that into the stereo system. And you should have your Xbox audio coming from the stereo system.

    Hope this works and happy gaming,


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