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how can i tell where the psn card is from? i got the code but will not work in the US?


So there are people online

we trade stuff i give them movies to download they give me $20 PSN card, they give me the redeem code but i cannot tell where is it from? it wont work on my US account

dont tell me that the CODE isnt working because it does work

just tell me how can i figure out where is it from?

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  1. If the card is listed as being $20 on the front and it doesn’t work on US accounts then the only other possibility is in CAD (Canadian dollars), hence you’ll need a Canadian account to redeem them as Australia only sells them in denominations of $30 and $50 as does New Zealand and other regions that use a currency carrying the name dollar don’t appear to have PSN cards.

    Looking over two more current cards I’ve already used it appears they no longer list valid only in “whereever” which makes things difficult. Anyway, I would suggest creating a Canadian account and see if it redeems, after all there are no costs to check and if that doesn’t work then I have no conclusion to come to except that the code doesn’t work as there are no other countries in the world who offer PSN cards in that denomination.

  2. your dumb. if it works why are you trying to find out where its from?

    you should never trade anything for cards of any type. you got swindled.

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