Home Playstation Forum How can i get the Home game for the PS3?

How can i get the Home game for the PS3?


every one seems to be talking about this vertual world and i want to do it.

but how?


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  1. its not really a game but the beta version is supposed to be out this fall and the final will be out for next year

  2. ok. well i am sorry that i am about to type a lot of info but you want to know info so here it is =D

    well what ps3 home is basically a version of the game Second Life. You create your own realistic character and you can walk around and communicate with others. There are 3 ways of communicating with others.

    1) Emotions there is a pop up interface that lets you use emotions like “nod” it will make your character look like he is saying yes

    2) Texting a on screen keyboard will come up and you can type to others

    3) Headset. preety much what it is just talk into the headsets and people can hear you.

    Now the cool thing is that you will get your own apartment to make. You can design it anyway you want. There are many options such as tvs, furniture, kitchenware ANYTHING! Another cool thing is you can invite your friends over to your virtual apartment. here is a really cool thing that they will do. So they that you live in America and your friend (who has a ps3) lives in China. You obviously cant watch a movie together unless he comes over to your house right? Well, what home lets you do is put in the real dvd/blu-ray disk into your ps3 machine. You will then be able to view it and anybody else in your apartment will be able to view it.

    Yes every single character that you see on playstation home is 1 ps3 user somewhere around the world. Playstation home will really pick itself up in the console war here is why.

    Some xbox lovers might go well. we have achievements so we can show how cool and nerdy you are. Well, the fact is we will have something to show how cool and nerdy we are also =P. Well, you might know that whenever you get an achievement on the 360 you will get a 2d message that says. you get 200 points. On the ps3 we dont get 2d messages we get a trophy! And to top it off you will have a trophy room for all your friends to see.

    Playstation home is totally free to download. Although, it has been delayed many times there is good reason. Sony is not like xbox releasing buggy stuff with their hardware like the 360 was not ready but they launched it a year before the ps3. What do they get? a giant red ring of death and disk scratching machine.

    Playstation home will be free forever although most likely Sony would like to make some kind of money so you might have the option to buy extra furniture.

    There are occasional beta openings which means people can test this cool program. I myself was a beta tester before but it has expired. There is a beta opening this fall so keep your eyes peeled. Home is set to launch early next year.

    Hope i helped and here is a link of a trailer

    [url is not allowed].

    Now for dates. It was supposed to come out last year but it has been delayed =S. They have confirmed that there will be a beta for everybody in fall. And will be released in 2009. The past beta trials have been out to people who signed up. I was one of the lucky people who got to try out this awesome world for the ps3.

    Hope i helped and if you have any questions you can e-mail me at:

    [email is not allowed]

    or add me on playstation network:


  3. -its not a game. it is xbox live’s cryptonite. it is like the xbox live card thing but it is the virtual world version of it!

    -and its not out yet

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