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I have an xbox 360 and I recently got a new telly which I now play it on however my xbox will play DVD’s in colour but plays games with a green tint! Ive tried changing it to PAL 50 and the colour is perfect but Fifa 11 will not play in this mode so I change it back to PAL 60 and the green tint comes back. I play DVD’s in PAL 60 so I don’t see what the problem is, can anyone help me?


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  1. Perhaps you have a faulty GPU, or perhaps its as simple as your AV cable is damaged, Video and games run very diferantly dispite being stored on the same kind of disk, Try your xbox on another TV (could be the TV’s AV connector thats the problem), and also try borrowing someone’s AV cable top test that, of neither of these work you should probably buy a new xbox.

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