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Help with my Xbox 360?


I have to do the thing where you have to like sync the controller and the Xbox or whatever. I keep * it up. help please?

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  1. On the top of your controller, there is a small white button. And on your console, there is a small button near the power button. Press them both at the same time, and the lights will spin around, flash, then it will be connected. Good luck! 🙂

  2. You could sync with a Play & Charge too.


    You can power up your xbox with your controller to sync it. Push th silver & green xbox button (home), it will flash and spin for a sec, then your xbox should power on normally.


    If you have several xbox consoles near you, like in an apartment, get a play & charge cable or your neighbors are going to be turning your system on and off all day & night.

  3. If u have a 360 there’s a button next to USB sockets press that and button on the back of the controller at next to chargeable cord socket they both look like >>> press both at same time

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