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HD Xbox on non-HD tv?


Well, i have an xbox and for some reason it only plays in HD and does not have a switch to turn it to non. When i plug it in my hd tv it works fine but when i plug it in my non hd tv it plays a sloppy black and white. Is there something I can do to get it off this black and white? Would that towel trick help? Anything I can do? Thanks

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  1. The only thing you will do with the towel trick is damage your xbox. DO NOT DO IT. It has nothing to do with the issue you are seeing anyway.

    What kind of connection are you using to the non-HD TV? AV cables? Component cables? HDMI? If you are using an HD connection like HDMI, the xbox may be expecting an HD TV and that could be causing your problem.

    Here’s something else to try. Hit the guide button (big round button in the top middle of the controller) and scroll all the way to the right. Go into system settings and see if you can change the settings to a non-HD resolution.

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