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Having trouble with NetFlix on PS3?


Every time I click on any title for it to play, a message will pop up saying “we’re having trouble playing this title at the moment. please try again later or select another title.” But this has been happening for the past few weeks and it happens for every title. Which basically means the whole netflix on PS3 thing is useless to me right now. Does anybody know what the problem is? Thanks

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  1. It could be a glitch. I would try deleting the App from the system. Then restart your PS3. Download the App again.

    There was an update for Netflix on PS3. If you didnt install it somehow, do so.

    Also, if you did install the update, it could have not installed right.

    Another possibility is your location. Maybe the service is down in the location you live at.

    If any problems continue AFTER you follow my advice, contact Netflix and see whats up.

    Neftlix Customer Service – 1-866-716-0414

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