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Has your xbox 360 broken?


I’ve heard that a lot of them are packing up, my freinds just did. It freezes, a red light comes on and it says phone the support team, something to do with a chip melting. Anyone else had this?

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  1. I’ve had mine replaced twice, but it’s not a big deal for me since I actually have some understanding and Microsoft has at least addressed the problem with a 3 year warranty that no one else can compete with.

  2. I had 2 360’s die.

    The one I bought and the one they “repaired” and sent back to me. My friend Mike at work is on his 4th!

    I ended it at 2 though. I’ll never buy Microsoft again. Worst console I have ever owned (quality wise). Its too bad because there are some really good games for it.

  3. I got mine at the beginning of August. It’s the Premium or Pro model or whatever the call it officially, and it hasn’t broken.

    I use it occasionally but for prolonged periods (i.e, i might play it once a week but for a 5 hour stint)

  4. Yeah, this is a common problem, but should happen less with the new chips they’ve installed.

    Anyway, mine has messed up once, but they fixed it quick and free.

  5. my 360 gt the 3rl’s after 6 months (played 2-4 x a week). then i fixed it by myself coz there no microsoft support in here.now still OK (1 year now)

  6. I had to get mine fixed after 2 years of hardcore use. I chalk it up to components breaking down since I use it so much.

    These systems have many moving parts, and some of them are bound to break sooner or later.

  7. Mine’s OK (touch wood) but there are literally THOUSAND of people who’ve had this problem. My mate has had to send 3 back to Microsoft. At least MS had admitted that it’s a problem so they’ll fix them for free.

  8. Ive heard about this happening quite a bit. I haven’t had a problem with my yet, and I play it for hours without breaks.

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