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Gaming fanatics! Difference in Xbox One and PS4?


I am thinking about buying either an Xbox One or a PS4 in the near future. It’s not a comparison between the consoles that I’m looking for, but a comparison between the games available on each console. Obviously it would be advantageous to just buy both but if I was to choose one, which console has the best games? Which has the larger range of games? Feel free to answer based on your personal opinion rather than highest selling games or best reviews etc. 😀

Also as a secondary question, could you please list what the 5 best games available on each console are? Thanks guys!

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  1. The games right now aren't that good but I'd PS4. Xbox One plays Dead Rising 3 at 720p and the frame rate drops down to 20. If that's next gen gaming then i'm sticking with PC. PS4 has more powerful hardware and this means better looking and better performing games. InFamous looks pretty cool but I don't find it attention grabbing and neither is Ryse. Killzone is pretty cool bit it's just another boring shooter and the multiplayer feels slow and clunky. Games look better on PS4 as most play in 1080p while on Xbox One they play at 720p. The Order 1886 is a really cool looking game though. Don't forget the beautiful looking indie titles on PS plus and the horror games like Outlast. With graphics you are honestly not gonna notice that much difference but PS4 has the better hardware and games I think. I would be more excited about the multiplats. Xbox One is really good though if you are using it as an all round entertainment device but remember that you get a lot of the same apps on PS4.

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