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Fallout 3 PS3 Paradise Falls?


I accidently stole something in paradise falls and now everyone is so hostile to me. ofcourse after u exit a building it autosaves so every time i die and respawn i get killed and everyone is still hostile. i’ve tried waiting and then sleeping but it doesnt work! help me!

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  1. Sorry, but waiting even days won’t turn the slavers of Paradise Falls unhostile like it does for most towns.

    You only have the following options:

    1.Fight back and kill every single hostile slaver in Paradise Falls, and even for a high level 20 character such as myself, it’s d*mn hard to do so. They’ll come at you with mini-guns, assault rifles, you name it. Only do this if you’re really brave or really stupid, although if you do manage to succeed, you can take anything you please from Paradise Falls with no Karma Loss

    2.Run away, probably the best option, run like hell towards the exit as fast as you can. Keep your stimpaks hot-keyed, as it’s very easy to get killed in a situation like this

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