Home Xbox Forum clean xbox 1 without dismantle?

clean xbox 1 without dismantle?


i need to clean my xbox because all the games i play the xbox says this disc is dirty or unreadible so how would clean it without dismantle

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  1. i would send it into microsoft because it sounds like the Disc drive is dirty or damaged. the lens may also be dirty which you cant access without dismantle

  2. You know those old vcr head cleaners they used to sell? The ones that would clean the inside of your vcr when you put them in the slot and hit play? Cut a hole in the side of your Xbox and slide one in. If it doesn’t want to fit, use WD-40 to lublicate it. If that doesn’t work, train a team of small mice to clean the inside of your Xbox. Give them short sections of pipe cleaner to use while inside. (It is recommended that you turn your Xbox off before attempting this.)

    If all these methods fail, call the customer service line for your fax machine and rant to them for an hour or two, then go to your nearest Best Buy and get a 360. If at all possible, try to pay using your expired Diner’s Club card.

    I hope that this helps. Good luck, and Namaste.

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