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can’t connect xbox to pc?


Hey, I have tried everything and I am going to s*t myself soon. I used to be able to connect fine, now i can’t even view the files on my pc. I have been trying for hours, and now it just says it has ‘limited or no connectivity’

I have a Belkin N+ router, and am not even bothered about getting on xbox live, i just want to stream the files on my pc. I’ve tried turning off the firewall, and my antivirus – i’ve tried file sharing on media player, tried editing settings on the router, tried everything through the pc, tried manually setting up the ip. and nothing.

Someone please help, I’m so frustrated right now. I don’t want to get on xbox live, just stream the files on my pc. I’m pretty sure it’s being blocked by something, it’s always saying it can’t pick up an ip adress.

Please help! 🙁

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