Home Xbox Forum Can you recommend a good xbox game for me (see description)?

Can you recommend a good xbox game for me (see description)?


I’m really not into shooter games but would like to play our xbox 360 a little more. Looking for a strategy game, something where you can explore, maybe complete certain tasks?, preferably first person? NO SHOOTERS please, they all feel the same.

Yes, I know about PORTAL please do not recommend it.

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  1. why not try these free and online strategy games

    Battle Dawn [url is not allowed].

    Battle Dawn is a game based on strategy, community and skill. Your goal is to ultimately become the strongest leader on earth, supreme to all others. You must learn to use diplomacy, resources and military to aid in your quest for ultimate power.

    Supremacy 1914 [url is not allowed].

    Supremacy 1914 is a free online multi-player real-time strategy RPG. Power obsession and the hunger for resources have brought the continent to the edge of self-destruction. Form powerful alliances, build your economy, and prepare your nation for the war. Lead your men into battle and become the ruler of Europe!

    Shadowland Online [url is not allowed].

    Shadowland Online is a browser-based social strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, where players must work with each other to conduct war against allied enemies and dark forces that threaten their homeland.

    Warflow (HiThere) [url is not allowed]

    WarFlow is a RTS war game where you can command your forces and team up with your friends in the Legion to give enemies a bloodbath, and seize their farms and mines. WarFlow is 100% free and no downloads required.

  2. Skyrim, It’s a huge rpg where you can make your character however you want. It has a big detailed world with an unlimited amount of quests to do. You can join different guilds and legions.

  3. Skyrim is an incredible game but the Fable trilogy is also very good. If you really want a strategy though, you’re probably not going to get a first person. Some good strategies would be Tropico 3, Sid Meier’s Civilization Revoloution, Sid Meier’s Pirates, and Command and Conquer. Those are just some strategies I like. RPG’s are more adventure/tasks.

  4. Dead Island is a game I heard a lot about but wasn’t sure about. I waited about a week after it came out to rent it but it was all checked out. So I ended going to Gamestop, Best Buy, Meijers, 2 Walmarts, and a Target before finally giving up to hearing “it’s sold out”. The next day I got it at Toys R Us. This game is plain fun.

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