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Can you Play PC games threw your xbox 360?


Hey i was always wondering if you can play pc games threw your Ethernet Cable like movies but you still have to use the keyboard and mouse it will just shows your pc screen on your tv.

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  1. Technically yes, but it wouldnt be great!

    You would use a VNC ‘viewer’ on your xbox and a VNC ‘server’ on your PC to stream through whatever is on the PC’s screen to the xbox.

    In order to do this on an old xbox:

    you need to be running an xbox version of linux, like the xbox linux live cd.

    The frame-rate would be horrible for action type games, but you would be seeing what the PC sees, but through the xbox

    There is an xbox live linux cd here: [url is not allowed]

    In order to do it on an xbox 360 see here:

    [url is not allowed].

    A much better and easier way to do it, with better frame-rate would be to just stream your PC straight into your TV. most modern graphics cards can send the output to a tv, and most modern tvs will receive it fine. you just need to look at what your graphics card does and what your tv does, look up s-video online to see what it looks like, if both the PC and the TV have s-video connectors then u just need the cable.

    Alternatively, if ur TV has HDMI and your graphics card has DVI then get a converter, they both use the same signal, only differences are the connector and the fact that HDMI can also handle sound not just video like DVI.

    If you have neither a tv or graphics card that can do it, then you need to get a cheap graphics card that’ll handle s-video output, get an s-video cable, and an s-video->scart converter and run it into the scart socket on your tv. S-video quality isn’t anywhere near as good as DVI/HDMI, but it’ll do the job, its how I used to have my PC hooked up to the TV before I upgraded to DVI.

  2. You can display whatever you’re doing on your PC on your TV (you would be using your TV as a display in that case), but not through your Xbox 360.

    You’d need to hook up some special cables directly from your PC to your TV, but that’s a whole different story.

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