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Can ps3 games be downloaded for free?



  1. yes it can be downloaded.download utorrent ,install it,go to piratebay or kickasss torrents or any torrent site, enter name of game, download torrent,open it n wait for file 2 be downloaded

  2. Its pretty illegal. But yes. The only free games you can get on the PlayStation Store are demos. I know a few websites where u can get some free games but I don’t want to get banned.

  3. Only if you torrent the game from your computer, then burn it onto a dual layered DVD +R. but that will take a lot of time and might seem hard to do and make it work. plus that’s definitely illegal.

    Or you can be a PlayStation + member. it’s 15 dollars a month and gives out free games that you can play whenever as long as you stay a member.

    There are probably free games too in the psn store. I haven’t looked. And if you’re that desperate to play as a ps3 game there’s demos.

  4. yes you can from the PSN STORE

    you can download FOR free and they are NOT demo’s



    DUST 514

    BACK TO THE FUTURE episode 1

    and heaps more

    if you want to download games illegally you will need to jailbreak your ps3 and since your ps3 is jailbreaked you wont be able to access the PSN

  5. Yes they can. But thats exteremly illegal. So illegal that even mentioning the name of the sites who provide it for free on Y! Answers will result in a ban.

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