Home Playstation Forum Can i use a dazzle with my PS3 using a component cable?

Can i use a dazzle with my PS3 using a component cable?


My tv only has component inputs, so i can not use the normal yellow, white and red inputs. I have no choice but to use component inputs, so i’m just wondering if it is even possible. Anything would help me out at this point, thanks!

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  1. You can use the yellow white and red inputs, just plug in the red and white in the audio inputs like normal and plug the yellow into the first of the three video inputs on the component inputs. This will give you a low video resolution. Upgrade to component cables or better yet hdmi if possible for better quality picture.

  2. You would need a convertor. Composite to component convertors do exist but they are pricey (probably cheaper to invest in a different capture). If you have an unused HDMI input on the tv that would probably be the cheapest way to go.

    If you try running the composite video (yellow) to the component input directly use the Green, but you will likely end up with it black & white only. Depends on the TV.

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