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call of duty modern warfare 2 (xbox 360)?


i have emailed a million letters to infinity ward asking them if they plan on fixing the issue with the tactical insertion boosting a holes and if they have future dlc coming and when and what but they will not reply back.does anyone here no of a site that will tell me this info or how i can get it

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  1. Yeah, they shouldn’t have to fixx the t.i. stuff. Its part of the game. I never play any kind of gameplay where people do this, so I can’t complain. Like the previous poster said, watch where they spawn and see if anyone is joining them, then just make it your own vendetta to shoot them. I heard dlc will be coming in April.

  2. 1. They cannot stop Nuke Boosters, it is impossible, the best thing you can do is when the game starts up, watch where they spawn, and go, kill them, they will probably leave the game.

    2. Apparently it is coming out in Spring, I don’t know when, but apparently spring.

    http://www.thetechgame.com usually have stuff about DLC coming out, and no, infinity ward will not reply to you, Why?

    Because imagine the amount of emails they get, millions of players, emailing them, they won’t get back to everyone.

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