Home Xbox Forum big xbox live and tf2 question(in details section)

big xbox live and tf2 question(in details section)


ok i cant run team fortress 2 on my comp to old of one i have a 360 but not xbox live now the other altirnative root is a system link can i plz be told where to get one like any local store like wal-mart or places like that also i need to know how it works in the manner of the word “works” i mean is it like xbox live where you hook up to a server or is it local like do other people need a system link also or can you play it globally like live?

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  1. System link is where you hook up more than one Xbox 360 to each other so they can play , they can’t go on-line what so ever. Your best bet is to buy Xbox live for 1 month, see how you like it, then decide from there.

    TF2 though is extrodinarily fun on Xbox 360 although you cann’t custimize and create skins as you can on the computer version. Not as many maps either but The Orange Box comes with other great games so definately worth it.

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