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Bfbc2 is this normal?!?


god i really love this game. but i think thiers something wrong with my tv.whenever i play this game thiers soo many things wrong wih the graphics.

1. whenever im playing im maps like laguna presa and i just slowly move the camera it seems like the background brightness changes example: go into laguna presa and stare At the ground with some leaves and vegatation nd slowly move the camera lef or right nd it seems like the brightness changes or sumthing?

2. some maps look horrible and hurt my eyes, like arica harbor , the trees seem to flicker everytime i move and everything just looks like its flickering it even starts hurting my eyes to a point were i just quit in trying to ignore it.

3. I seems like these graphics aren’t the same as I seen in YouTube before I baught the game.

i really enjoy this game but im wondering if these problems are caused by the game itself or is thier soething wrong with my tv?

this thing were the backlight seems to change also happens in littlebig planet.

please help if u can

running on a p3 with hdmi hooked up to a 60hz 1080p Sony 32 inch Kdlex400 LCD. I took of all the image enhacers such as “black corecctor md all that” but no diffrence. I have sharpness set to 4 so I’m pretty sure that can’t be the problem

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  1. What version is your PS3? Ive had similiar issues with graphics on my PS3. The brightness may just be part of the game, unless it gets really bright. Trees and puddles/water or other objects with transparencies seem to bug out the most over time. My biggest issue was with Bioshock 2, where the ground would shiny and flicker really brightly, objects and walls would clip and towards the end of the game, the screen would start to change tint slowly as I progressed a certain level until it turned entirely pitch black and I had to finish by starting over and getting a quick look at the map ahead and through sounds and rumble to find walls.

    I also had it happen in LittleBigPlanet and in Red Dead Redemption and then as it got worse, in basically all my PS3 games, some graphic issue would go on. Watch next for segments of trees extending beyond the screen into the sky.

    To answer your question though, it is not your TV because I have a new PS3 and the games mentioned work perfectly. My older PS3 turned into a brick and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it right now actually.

    I won’t say this will happen to you; but after several months of me noticing the problems you mentioned, the problems started showing up in the XMB menu, then a month after that it would freeze at the profile log in screen every now and then, 2 weeks after that it would freeze the moment the sparkly stream showed up, and then a week after that up to today it doesn’t do anything. It won’t even turn off unless I turn off the switch in the back.

    If thats the route yours begins to take and if its still in warranty, I would send it in immediately just so its over with and free.

    Also look here: [url is not allowed]

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