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Are the current generation PS3’s less powerful than the original?


I have the 3rd generation 80gb ps3, without backwards compatibility, and 2 usb ports. I kno that this model has both a 65nm gpu and a 65nm cell processor. From my research i found that it uses significantly less power than the original ps3 because the original ps3 has a 90nm gpu and cell processor. Does this mean that the new generation ps3’s are less powerful than the original? or they are just as powerful?

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  1. i would imagine so, since its the old fat ones that can play ps2 games and be moded to use Linux. those are two things that the slim cant do, so yeah, i’d say the old ones are more powerful

  2. All PS3’s have the same Cell Processor and same RSX GPU. There is no difference except the the die size of the CPU and GPU. This has nothing to do with its processing power, only how much power it uses and how much heat it generates.

  3. Well research and experiencing are two different things. I have had 2 ps3’s and from my experiences the older ps3’s are by far more powerful. much more options including backwards capability. But that’s not all. They have the the sd card slots. 4 usb ports. backwards capability for ALL titles. and ran a lot faster. The new ps3’s (Slims) word made to never get the Yellow Light of death caused by over heating of the systems mother board so they do run a little smoother but I prefer my Old First Gen 60 gb ps3 over a slim any day!

  4. All PS3 consoles are equally powerful. The 90 nm chips and 65 nm chips yada yada yada determine POWER CONSUMPTION. As in, how much juice a PS3 requires from your AC outlet to operate. That is what is different between your PS3 and the older ones. The older ones consumed roughly 200 watts of power and yours is around130-150 watts I think (its been a while since I checked the 80 GB numbers). Again, it does not make one PS3 powerful than the other. The chip differences simply affect consumed power and generated heat (should be less and less as the generation of PS3s go on).

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